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Six mainFeatures Of SIMpaneL+ Siding

Technical Specifications of SIMpaneL+ Insulated Metal Panel

Metal Thickness 0.35mm

Zinc Coating AZ30g

Paint Brand Akzo-Nobel (exclusively)

Paint Thickness >30um

Paint Type HDP

PU Density 35kg/m3

Backside Material Composite Aluminium Fiber Foil

Paint Process 3000C Baking/ 3-Coating-3-Baking

Product Weight 3.9kg/m2

Product Performance

Item Test Result International Test Standard
Density (PU) 60kg/m3 GB/T6343-2009
Compression Strength (PU) 320.4kpa GB/T8813-2008
Thermal Conductivity (PU) Average Temp.: 100C 0.22W/(m.K) GB/T10295-2008
Thermal Conductivity (PU) Average Temp.: 250C 0.24W/(m.K)
Water Absorption (PU) 0.8% GB/T8810-2005
Tensile Strength Vertical To Panel Surface (Composite Panel) 1.6kpa JG/T149-2003
Flexural Capacity (Composite Panel) Horizontal 5.44Mpa GB/T9341-2008
Flexural Capacity (Composite Panel) Vertical 3.88Mpa
Salty Spray Resistance (Steel Sheet) 500H (Neutral Salt Mist) GB/T1771-2007
Acid Resistance (Steel Sheet) 24H (5% H2SO4) GB/T9274-1988
Alkali Resistance (Steel Sheet) 24H (5% NaOH) GB/T9265-2009
Wind Load Resistance (Steel Sheet) 10kpa Undamaged JG149-2003
Horizontal Burning (Core Material) HF-1 GB/T8332-2008
Combustion Performance B GB/20284-2006
Heat Transfer Coefficency 1.50W (m2.K) GB/T13475-2008
Sound Reduction Index 25dB GB/T19889.3-2005 GB/T50121-2005
Formaldehyde Emission (Composite Panel) NO GB/T18580-2001
Fluorescent Uv Arc Aging (Steel Sheet) OK GB/T16422.3-2014

Key Components

Bottom Material

Moisture-proof and thermal insuleted Aluminum Foil

Core Material

Fire retardant Rigid PU foaming

Surface Material

Special coating and pattern embossed Metal

Professional Insulated Metal Siding, Only SIMpaneL+

3-Coating-3-Baking Craft, 18 processes, 3000C High- Temperature Baking

Product Structure

Environmental Friendly


Low energy consumption

Low pollution

In Use

Energy Saving

Long life-span




Installation Advantages

Light Weight

Fast Installation


Step 1

Install profile framing on the wall and then starting parts at the bottom

Step 2

Install the panel with self-tap-ping screws

Step 3

Install accessories and then sealing for water tightness

Installation Guide For Metal Siding



Outside Corner ( YJ01 )
Outside Corner ( YJ02 )
Outside Corner Base( YJDZ )
Outside Corner ( YJ03 )
Outside Corner Cap ( YJ04 )


Connecting Bar ( PJ01 )
Connecting Bar Base ( PJDZ )
Connecting Bar( PJ02 )


J-Channel ( SBT )
Edge Trim Base ( SKJD )
Edge Trim Cover( SKJK )

Inside Corner

Inside Corner ( YINJ01 )
Inside Corner ( YINJ02 )
Inside Corner ( YINJ03 )

Window & Door J-Channel

Window Sill Corner ( CKJ02 )
Window Line ( CKJ03 )
Window Sleeve ( CKJ05 )
Window & Door J-Channel ( CKJ01 )
Window & Door Corner Cover( CKJ04 )


Bottom Flashing ( FSB )

Starting Part

Starting Strip ( QBJ )

Eaves Angle

Eaves Angle ( WYBJ )

Project Showcase


Application : Exterior Wall

Quantity : 300m2

Product Choice : SGW26-07

Commercial House

Application : Exterior Wall

Quantity : 220m2

Product Choice : SGW17-06


Application : Ceiling

Quantity : 80m2

Product Choice : SGW32-06

Security Cabin

Application : Exterior Wall

Quantity : 80m2

Product Choice : SGW32-06

Container House

Application : Exterior Wall

Quantity : 100m2

Product Choice : PBN-9003 & SGW17-06


Application : Interior Wall

Quantity : 440m2

Product Choice : PBN-H10-01



New Constructrion

Interior Design

Club House



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